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  The Music of Albania has ancient origins, in fact it was handed down from father to son only by oral tradition that there were no sheet from which young people could tap into for training music albanaise. There are various types of musical genres, which show the numerous influences; traditional folklore music differs from the regions with major stylistic differences between the music of the Gheg in the north and the Toschi in the south rap albanais. City "popular" music developed around the cities of Korça, Shkodra and Tirana. One of the most important festivals for the performance of Albanian traditional music is the National Folklore Festival of Argirocastra which is held every 5 years. From 1920 Albanian classical music was born. Important space also have the kënge të lehta that is light songs. Currently the musical genre that is enjoying great success in Albania is that of rap.

Albania's political, military and cultural dominations by foreign elements have contributed to the country's modern music scene. Albanian music is a fusion of music from Southeast Europe, especially those of the Ottoman Empire , which ruled Albania for more than 500 years. However albanie musique the Albanian people have kept their vast cultural identity away from the ruler, even living in mountains and rural areas and continuing to pass down the different characteristics of their music from generation to generation musique albanaise 2021.